Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy 27th Robby!

Rob is now 27 and doesn't look a day over and doesn't act a day over 3 hahah ok just kidding. He was so excited and surprised that I gave in and got him a concole although the Wii is something else. The last couple nights we have stayed up so late playing it. It's so much fun! We will bring it to PA next time we come, mom and dad are going to lovvve that. The Martin kids all playing it's going to get crazy! ;)
I took Rob to eat with some friends and Rob got to sit on a saddle at the "Texas Road House" while the waiters announced his age and made a huge scene. It was fun, then came home and had a Wii Fiesta! Oh and lets not forget Rob wants to thank all of you for your gifts and Happy Birthday wishes, we both love you all very much.
In other news today we had our Dr.'s apt. and we tried to hear the babies heart beat, but sadly couldn't, I guess it's too soon. So I have to continue on for another 4 weeks not feeling pregnant.
It was also exciting to see Matt last weekend with a surprised visit. We went to "Pirates" and bounded before he left to Cali. We plan a trip out there at the end of this month....stay tuned for that. Well thats all the excitement here. Sunday (Fathers Day) Rob gets to speak, some how I got lucky and got out of it ;). He is really excited to speak about dad, so dad if you have any input or stories he could share let him know. I personally enjoyed your Birthday email to tear jerker dad. We love you!


Matt said...

Behold, the Wii!!!! I may just have to swing through death valley on the way back to Provo so I can play Punch Out and Final Fight.

Rob really doesn't look like 27, does he? He's like Tom Hanks in "The Green Mile". Just never gets old. Kind of ...

Laura said...

maaaaaan i wanna play the wii!