Thursday, August 9, 2007

Night at the County Fair!

Yesterday was our county fair, ton of fun. It was "Star Wars" night where they had a huge screen playing the movies and characters that were walking around, it was awesome! It was really dusty out so some of my pictures looks like its snowing, nope not here in St.George just a lot of dirt or either it's because all the dirty freaks that come out when there is a fair. Rob rode a really scary fast ride called "The Ring of Fire" and no not like when you eat a lot of jalapenos heheh. There is a picture, he is the one in the front not holding on CRAZY BOY! We did ride the Ferris Wheel which is scary for me, too high but I did it YAH! Rob also was like a little kid when he saw the army tank and got to go inside. It was a ton of fun and of course we felt like poo afterwards because all the rides and junk we ate, gotta love it. We love you all!


Matt said...

Carnival fair rides scare me because sometimes they're so old and rickety or else they're all the rides that were deemed too hazardous for the big theme parks!

Good pics, though! I love the stormtrooper shot.

p.s. did you see a Zoltar booth there?

Paul and Emily said...

Hecka sucker Rob! Gotta beat that! Looks like a lot of fun!