Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We Couldn't Wait!

This is the Profile, I have it circled. Do you see the lil nose and mouth!

Say Hello he is waving to everyone!

If you haven't guessed yet it's a...........BOY! Do you see the legs spread, with his lil bottom and berries in between. We are very excited to have a lil Robby. Now time to go shopping. We miss you and love you....can't wait to see you mom!


stephanie said...

....are you sure that is a boy?? I cant see anything..hahhaha just kidding Rob. Congrats love ya!!!

barbmartin said...

I am sitting at my desk weeping with joy! Thank you so much for sending these of my grandson. I can't wait to hold him. He is just beautiful! Wow! This is unbelievable! You guys are great and we love you both so much. Rob, I am so proud
! Love you, mom

Bill and Tara said...

Hurray!!!! How wonderful!!! I LOVE having a boy, they are more fun than they get credit for. I'm so happy for you two!!!