Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life is Like a Dance: LDS Prom

Chris and his group: Janette, Chris, Courtney, Royce, Laura, and Chris.

My Group: DD, her date Chris, Janelle, her date Jared, Angelina, Spencer, his date Katie, and me with my date Brett.
Chris putting on Laura's corsage. They looked really cute together.
Close-up of me and Brett. It was a windy day so his hair is kindof in his face. Don't worry it's not alwasy like that.

Crazy Young Women......they are my best friends.

Julia had her own fun last night with some old friends: Cassise, and Haley.
Last night was an amazing night. It was a lot of fun getting all dressed up, having Julia do my hair, and make-up and also helping me with my hair. I love these kindof events where we can all be together. I really missed those kindof things. I hope that everyone else is having a good time in their life. All three of us kids here are missing everybody and can't wait to see everybody and for mom and dad to come home!


Allysa said...

Hey!!! Allysa here, hope you don't mind I leave a comment, Jules, why does your hair look so dark???? lol. :)

Staci said...

oh my goodness what beautiful girls you are katie and Julia. Katie I love the dress fabulous. What fun!!

Matt said...

Wow, I feel like I'm missing so much back home. I hope the dances were fun. Yeah, Julia, your hair does look kind of dark. Katie, Brett looks like a rockstar in that windy picture. That'll be a fun one to show your kids later down the road!

T said...

Katie, you look gorgeous!

Staci said...

Chris I'm sorry I didn't forget about you I didn't to mention what a studd you are. Handsome boy! WHY DON'T you have a girlfriend? Who needs them anyway right. ;)

Kitty Kat Stiles said...

Man, Katie, I love your dress! Its perfect for you. Julia, why'd you leave me out of all the fuN? haha, just kidding. Chris, the sleek one, but I have to agree with Staci on this one...why DON't you have a girlfriend? I'm sure any girl would jump at the chance. Congrats Staci and Robert. Your son is SO adorable, I don't think I can stand it! Love, Cat