Sunday, May 11, 2008

Party Harty!

Matt also had his Bachelor Party this weekend. From the pictures it looks pretty lame. I gave Rob the camera to take some pics. and of course he didn't so all I got was some of the after party. I'm not sure what they did but when I came over after it was done it smelled like sweaty guys, empty pizza boxes and soda cans, toilet seats up and electronic wires everywhere. They all had a blast though, they set up a projector and played video games. I guess that is as crazy as you can get on BYU campus.


Laura said...

haha i love the last pic...that's so corny!! even though the pics are yes lame---it was still a good time----mario kart was amazing!

barbmartin said...

So great to see such joy between my children, friends and loved ones to celebrate Matt's singlehood demise!! Hehe