Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trek 2008

Right before trek. all nice and clean.
Chris as always helping put the carts together.

this is myself at the very end pushing my family cartthis was the little band we had during a dance. it was the blue grass kindof band, that was only fun when you're hyper.

everybody coming down the road, singing as always.
chris with his family. pulling on the last day.
julia and i were so tired afterwards, we just stood there while mom took this.

Chris was the exact same way. we were all sooo tired. chris looked like a very spiffy cowboy.
Chambersburg 2 ward plus some random fairview people. (us)
everyone being sillly.

this is me and my best friend (katie). it was a lot of fun hanging out with her, as you can obviously see. :)

So yeah trek was a lot of fun. the first day was very hard. it was 14 miles long! we all had really fun families. and to me it was nice having a new family. don't get me wrong i love my family, but it was just nice. The second day was much shorter. we got to our camp site and soon started doing some activities like a taffy pull, hair washing, chicken beheading (very cool), rifle shooting, and candle making. Later was the dance that was a lot of fun. none of us knew the moves but still fun. The third and last day was fasting and testimony meeting. Then we all packed up and walked the last five miles to our feast of pork and many other delicious foods. it was a blast!


Staci said...

OH YAH! I have been waiting for these pics. Oh my gosh how fun! I wish we could of had something like this where I grew up. You guys look soooooo cute! Best looking pioneers I have ever seen..you don't look dead, you survived. Love you guys.

Tara & fam said...

SOOOOO cool you guys! I agree with Staci, you three are the best looking ones out of the group, Martins sure are nice lookin'! What a fun trek! :)

Matt said...

Boy, these pictures seem bring back some good memories. I know what you mean Katy about having a new family. It's kind of nice having some new siblings to play with. I remember when I did Trek I really "liked" my "older sisters". Did you guys do the women's pull where the guys just watch the women pull the carts for awhile? Chris, is this your second time? I think I remember you going the last time. Anyway, nice post!

Rob said...

Sounds like a great time! Wish I could have done that...maybe someday with Miles!

Laura said...

that's so awesome Katie! thanks so much for posting that. I was wondering how trek went for you guys! That's so cool that all three of you went at the same time. I think i was all by myslef. It was hard but i made some good friends. and yeah i so remember when we came back for that big feast----awww so good! hahahaha i loved the commment of loving ur new family----oh katie...it's okay my feelings aren't hurt!

Laura said...

and yeah seriously u guys are sweet lookin' pioneers!!! Chris u look so handsome! p.s. i miss my little brother!