Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 Facts about Staci!

You are all probaby tired of these post but I'm bored and I would love for all of you to do it. This is a cute post that my friend did and I thought I'd give it a try. Plus, I love to learn random things about everyone!Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

1. I can eat oreos and otter pops all day long everyday!

2. Me and my twin have telepathic abilities to know what song is in the others head…or we usually just have the same song stuck in our heads. In that pic we got each other almost the same thing, paintings from our fav. artist for our bday this year and didn’t even know it.

3. I love hair…playing with hair on bodies, heads, cutting it, plucking, as long as it’s not detached I love hair. Hairy men are sexy too (Rob)

4. I thought giving Birth was fun! Better then being preg.

5. Obsessed with pushing my nail cuticles down. I do it to Rob and even Miles now.

6. I have had my face and arms covered with human feces. No not on purpose and not baby poo either. (You don't want to see a pic of this)

The most beautiful day is when it’s rainy and storming really hard. When I die I want it to rain all day so that everyone will have to hold a black umbrella at my burial, like in the movies.

tag Mom, Dad, Rob, Matt, Mica, David, Laura, Chris, Katie, Julia and ANYONE ELSE WHO WILL DO IT! I love to learn random facts!


Beth Olsen said...

Thanks for doing this Stac! I LOVE oreos and Otter Pops too...after I had Garrett, those were my huge cravings!

Chris Martin said...

human feces? when did that happen:0

Lindsay said...

you know.. you can't just say i've been covered in human feces and then talk about the weather... it's rude. At least that's what the English have taught me. Also, i wish i had a twin so we could be all telepathic-y with each other... how fun.

Tara and family said...

you are pretty cool staci, I like the oreos and otter-pops, reminds me of my secret pleasure of popcorn rice cakes. and the feces story is horrid, honestly!!!