Monday, October 6, 2008

Fire Bowl

Alright! so tonight was Family Home Evening and dad decided to twist it up a little bit. WE HAD A FIRE PIT OUTSIDE IN OUR BACKYARD! It was a lot of fun. Dad had an amazing spiritual lesson. It was on the uses of fire and the good things and bad things it can be. We also shared some stories from the scriptures that dealt with fire. The only party pooper to this was that it was very cold , and the smell of skunk was VERY strong. haha. But it was a lot of fun. We had a great time being together and it was our first experience in a long time of being outside. :)

Daddy is iron man! he's got the shiny heart in the middle!
just having some fun with the fire. hehe.
julia doing her little "cult" dance aroud the fire.


Staci said...

wow you guys are amazing...i bet its weird having fhe w/ just two kids...but they are the craziest of them all. Love the pics. Looks like a ton of next time we go out there i wanna bonfire! You all look great.

Chris Martin said...

Maan, NOW you break out the firepit?? When did you ever get that? Way to go Dad on the FHE, you sure stepped it up this time! Thanks for the pics

Chris Martin said...

Speaking of FHE...thanks for the idea. I've been chosen as one of the FHE leaders, and we haven't done anything worthwhile yet...hmmm

David said...

WOW you guys sure are brave, i would've been too scared of the dark and those beavers or rodents that live under the shed.....URGH! i shudder at the thought! by the way, those bushes are frakin HUGE!!!

Matt said...

aw man! that looks like so much fun. I had no idea you guys could have fun without Chris or any of the boys there. he he Well, you proved me wrong!