Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year was really nice, it wasn't a huge family gathering which kept it pretty simple and relaxing. We were very happy to have Chris and David this year and they seemed to enjoy all the food and company even though they were far from home. Laura is pretty much use to Kelly Thanksgiving seeing how this was her forth one with us. We really enjoy her and hope she is here next yr too. We are so grateful for each other and the loving family we have. We love and miss you all and can't wait till Christmas where we can all be together.

Our first year where my grandma didn't make the candied yams and I thought I did a pretty good job!
Rob was "THE MAN" he carved the turkey for us!


Cherylann and Mike said...

Man, there are more Martins out west than in PA now. The migration just won't stop, apparently. Wish we were a little closer to family. We had fun though. Have a great rest of your weekend1

The Toland's said...

cute pics. hey the pic.s of me and you on thanksgiving!

Lindsay said...

mmm... yams... our thanksgiving dinner was SO delicious too.... it made me wanna cry. (not really, but yes, kind of)... way to candy those yams sassy stacy! hehe Everyone looks so fabulous.

David said...

that one picture of laura and me reminds me of that young picture back in the day when we were young and wearing red....i think its hanging up in the house somewhere...idk