Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rockin Halloween!

Ballerina Aaliyah

80's teen groupy Cyndi

Band Body Gaurd Garrett
Band Mate Reggae Rocker Jeff
Skeleton Rocker Staci
Band Mate Jon also big Led Zeppelin Fan
Band Mate Rob also Metallica fan

Bad-A Miles with a tear tattoo
Rocker wanna be's
Hot groupy Beth
David's Hot girlfriend Heather and Dr. Afro Kristen
Hard Core Drummer David
Group Wrenis Rob, Jeff, David, and Staci ranked 3 rd World Wide on a Metallica song.



The Toland's said...

looks like so much fun i wish i could of been there!! haha Stac I cant get over how much you look like me with that wig haha!

Anonymous said...

man my whole body hurts...never rocked out so hard...awesome that we got 3rd place for world record in a 9 minute metallica song! WHOOOA! never felt so accomplished in my we just gotta play for 1st place next time:) any losers are kicked out of the band! what did the rest of the martin kin do last night btw?

Marlon and Suzana said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome party! Staci love the make-up & the birds on the wall!

Lindsay said...


Chris Martin said...

Maan, that looks like a blast! Staci, awesome makeup job!