Monday, December 15, 2008

New Tri-M Member

So tonight i took the oath and became an official Tri-M Member! and i found out tonight that i am actually the first one in the Martin Family. The induction was a lot of fun. There were some performances by the members. But when we began to repeat the oath, the parts were so long that we all kindof murmured through them. It was pretty funny. Also we had an honorary induction for a new member and it was Mr. Thomas! It was so amazing seeing him come up onto the stage and recieve the certificate. But anyway i got a little pin and a certificate and am really excited to be in a national honor society. love and miss everybody, katy


Staci said...

hooray! even though we still arent sure what that stands for or what that even means...we are assuming its musically which could mean anything when it comes to our beautiful talented katy paty! Love you...good job!

Staci said...

oh by the way mom you are looking so fabulous...loving the longer hair.