Friday, December 5, 2008

~Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree~

We finally got our tree yah. This year was a lot of fun to do. First I will tell you about my inspiration. This summer I was at my mom's house looking through old pics and I found all of her families Christmas greetings from when she was a little girl. Now let me tell you, as you can see by the pics how adorable my mom's family was growing up. My grandparents were so classy, I mean just look at my fabulous grandma she was a total "Leave it to Beaver" mom. I loved them so much that I wanted my whole Christmas tree focused around these great pics! Plus I had already collected most of my ornaments from my mom that she had made when she was a little girl. So about 40 % of my tree this year is handmade ornaments from the 60's and 70's.

Also I bet you Martin's will recognize the wooden soldiers that grandma Martin gave me a couple years ago. I also found Steph's and I first Christmas ornament too from 1984. I am just so in love with my handmade vintage tree this year and the pictures are really close to my heart. I love to see my late grandpa, he makes me so happy! Now that the tree is up I'm even more excited for Christmas and miss you you!

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barbmartin said...

How awesome! I love your spirit, Staci. What a wonderful home you are building. Your inspiration to focus on family is really touching!