Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elder Robert Martin Flashback!

These are some of my favorite pics from Rob's mission. Thanks mom for sending these out here!
What a handsome young man!

We love you Brian and Mara are prayers are with you!

I bet mom freaked out when she got the cliff picture in the mail. Gotta love the Cheese in that last picture.


barbmartin said...

These are great, Staci. Brings back such sweet memories of Rob's letters and his strong spirit. What a cutie! And how timely as Chris prepares to leave for his mission. So exciting! Thanks for the awesome example Rob! Now all four of our sons will serve missions. Can't tell you what a joy that give dad and I! We love you all!

Lindsay said...

Rob looks so funny as a missionary.. i remember thinking that about enos too when i saw his missionary pictures... they are so... young and nerdy... it's rather cute. nice job rob.