Thursday, January 8, 2009

If I could do it over!

Alright so I have had a lot of free time and boredom lately, which brings me to blog surf like crazy. I have really been into photographers blogs and just looking at new photo techniques and ideas. While looking at different photographers I have seen so many different wedding pictures and can't help but become extremely jealous at the many adorable weddings.

It got me thinking about my wedding and how much thought I DIDN'T put into it. I still love how simple, low key and inexpensive it was, but would of wished I thought more about details that would of made me actually excited to look back on that day.

Don't get me wrong it was one of the best days of my life and I'm glad I thought more about just being with my husband then how perfect my wedding was. I just look back at the CRAPPY photo's b/c of the CRAPPY photographer and wished I had better reminders of that day.

So again with all my time I have replanned the lil details of my wedding and want to share it all with you, so we can all pretend this is how it really was. Though if there was one thing I would of really wished was changed it would of been the photo's since now I'm so passioniate about that.

I also decided in another life or maybe one day in this life I would really love to be a photographer or a cake designer with my own cute bakery or both! Funny seeing how I can't bake at all. Enjoy..or don't you can think it's lame whatever.

Now these don't have to be the exact dresses of course but something with a timeless classic style.
These are some photographers that I love and wish my wedding photos could of looked like these!
Now I might change my mind on everything you see here next yr but for now it works!


barbmartin said...

You are so clever and creative. You should be a wedding planner. So many young brides are just too overwhelmed to think of all these details. If they had someone as visionary as you they could see what their choices could be! That would be awesome! And you would be so fun to work with! Also, I thought your wedding/reception was great. We have wonderful memories of it and your family. :)

Lindsay said...

i do this too.. i mean... not to the extent but i DEFINITELY find things i would have done differently... like a LOT of things. *sigh*... i wonder why we do this?

T said...

AMEN, SISTA! Let's face it your wedding photos weren't half as nasty as mine! HOLY BALLS they are horrible. I didn't even order ANY and honestly I don't even know where the proofs he did give us are...LAME! That is definitely one thing I would have done different! Such pretty stuff you found by the's easy to do when you get lost in the world of bloggers with talent like that!