Monday, July 13, 2009


This past week I was at EFY, SVU. It was a wonderfully, amazing experience. I can't even begin to tell about everything that happened. But it was also a very spiritiually uplifting week for me. I made lots of new friends and learned many new things about the Church. It was also a real treat being able to stay at SVU like a real student. Kind of gave me a little insight of what college will be like and i can not wait! Here are some pics from EFY. I hope you all like it. And hopefully i can go again next year. :D
i just thought that this was so cute! i had to take a picture of it.
with one of my roommates Kamilla, she and i were able to get really close during efy.
a lot of us got these AWESOME sweat pants. they are soooo comfortable!
The Entire Group: Might Be was our name
I miss these people so much.
My nickname that week was Kickbutt Katy.haha
we were stoked after we had won a game against everybody else at efy
just some crazy people that i love from EFY. haha
my two awesome roomies! Kamilla and Sarah


Staci said...

YAH! I love this..that is so awesome you got to go to EFY..i would of loved to do this when i was younger. I bet you are the life of the party..def. one of the prettiest. looks like a ton of fun.

Matt said...

Ahh ... EFY, the experience I never had. It looks like you had a blast Katy! What'll be cool is when you meet some of your EFY friends at BYU-I in a year. Thanks for sharing! By the way, I agree with Staci - you are the prettiest flower in the bunch.

Rob said...

Good post. Sounds like it was a blast. Nothing like making friends when you're young.