Monday, July 20, 2009

Ireland At Last

OK, some of you may recall that I visited the Emerald Isle two months ago. Well, finally, here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Here I visited two magnificent sites in Ireland. The first is an ancient burial mound on the east coast of the island near Dublin. This burial mound is estimated to be older than the pyramids. You can see us walking around it. The second is the Giant's Causeway which is a natural volcanic formation along the northern coast of Ireland.

These are the famous cliffs of Moher along the northern coast. It was a windy day. But what a view! There's a random castle tower on the edge. You can see it there. I think it was built for a dwarf.
Here are some pics with other Singers. The top left one shows me and some guys eating our first traditional Irish dinner. The top right one shows me and another tenor at the top of a castle. That castle is older than our country. :)
Some more beautiful castle shots. I loved exploring the castles. This one is called Blarney castle. There's a legend about a stone located at the top. If you kiss it, you're blessed with the gift of gab. I kissed it but I'm still shy!
Here are some random pics. The top left is the Queen's University in Dublin. The rest are other shots in other Irish towns. I really enjoyed the feeling of being some place that is so old and full of history. Lots to see and do.

And finally, some shots of Church History sites in western England. The top left and bottom right are pics of the Hill Farm where Wilford Woodruff baptized some of the first members of the church. The church doesn't own the farm but instead just purchased some land surrounding the baptismal pond. The family who owns the farm are compensated by the church to maintain the property. The other pics show the first LDS chapel in the world! This tiny chapel though isn't used anymore but is filled with a nice little museum.
I have tons more pictures but I'll have to save them for a holiday when we're altogether and I can put them into a long slideshow that will make your eyelids heavy.


Staci said...

hahah Matt can you be any more of a dork..and can these pictures be any more BEAUTIFUL! I'm sooo jealous and envious! I guess if we really wanted to fly there we could but I enjoy your pictures and descriptions just as well. Thanks Matt!!!

Rob said...

Man heck yeah. Great pics!

barbmartin said...

Look forward to the slideshow! I'll bring all my mission pics. lol I love the pictures! Remember guys, this is your heritage. Thanks, Matt.