Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Reading!!!

So I've dragged my butt into the library and finally got myself a library card a couple months ago! It's been an absolute blast getting back into reading! I use to love reading growing up but then it was interrupted by annoying teachers making you read and writing book reports on them. Thus, I started to not like reading. Before long, I was in college. I never had time to read. I never really wanted to read because textbooks take up enough reading as it is. So my goal this summer was to get back into reading. I started to read a couple of books and absolutely loved it. Although, every now and then I would get antsy for some reason and don't have enough patience for reading. My friend travels a lot and listens to books on audio. I thought I'd try it out and I've become addicted. I love audio books because then I can get so many other things done. Mainly I listen to audio books when I"m getting ready for the day which HAH takes me an hour so perfect for listening while I make myself presentable for the day. So here's the books I've read/listened to this summer. Let me know about the books you guys are reading. I would love some suggestions!

The Blonde Theory by Kristin Harmel
This book is interesting. It has a good ending and I believe it's quite women empowering.

The Messenger by Jan Burke
This book is quite good! It's about a young man with a secret and has a bit of romance in it but mostly adventure!

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
This is also a movie now with Kristen Stewart from "Twilight".

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
I loved this book. It's about an odd girl that moves to a new school that wears interesting clothing and sings and plays a ukulele in the cafeteria. It's quite funny and it's a really cute story about being yourself and not caring about what others thinkMy Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Excellent book! Highly recommend it to anyone. I had no idea what to expect in this story but it has some great surprises in the book that keeps you hooked. It's well written. She writes from different standpoints of the characters in the book.

Right now I'm listening on audio "Memoirs of A Geisha"
I thought I would be bored listening to this because I've already seen the movie. I was totally wrong! So well written. It's probably the most interesting book I've read this summer.

I'm also working on Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates but I've barely gotten into it.


Tara and family said...

Geisha is one of my favorites. I hated the movie compared to the book.
"Wild Swans:three daughters of China" is also a fav of mine. I like historical fiction/well-written memoirs.
"The Third Witch" was a fun and easy read, a twist on an un-developed character in Macbeth. It was a lot better than I thought it would be.
"Girl of the Limberlost" is my all-time favorite book. I had my book club gals read it, and they were all surprised they liked it so much. :)
My girlfriend said Revolutionary Road was depressing, so I skipped on the movie. I hope the book is better.
I need some good books for Jade. Do you think "Stargirl" would work for her? She reads High School level, and is pretty mature with her understanding. I just don't want any sex stuff in it. I won't let her read twilight, but I want something about a unique girl like her, being OK with herself, and feeling empowered. I would love your opinion.
I'm mostly reading self-help/self-understanding books this summer. ;) "The Birth Order Book" is AWESOME. I'm usually not one for self-help stuff, but this was fun, comical, insightful, and disturbing to read. (hehe) It helped me understand more about EVERYONE I know. Honestly, it's nuts. But with therapists in the family, you uys probably already know about books like that?
Again, if anyone has any suggestions for a mini-adult/tween, please let me know!

Laura said...

She will love stargirl! I would say it's very appropriate for her age. It was written more for her age anyhow. Other books I've read growing up, Jacob Have I loved by Katherine Paterson is excellent. A wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L. Engle. True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi is one of my favorite books growing up.

Laura said...

Lol sorry I just realized some of those books aren't excactly highschool reading level. I didn't read much in high school :(.

Staci said...

Wow thank you Laura for sharing! I might have to read some of these...I have wanted to start reading again too but I never have patience for it. I love to hear what you are upto!

Lindsay said...

way to go!!! i'm proud of you reading... i'm SO BAD at it.