Sunday, June 20, 2010

Semi-new Appliances and Such

I realized today that a few of you haven't seen our new appliances and things yet. they are! As you all know, we have been in desperate need of these things for a long time and let me tell was worth the wait! We are all enjoying them greatly. Mom especially! The fridge! This thing is awesome. There is so much more room than the old one. The only thing I don't like is that it's not magnetic! Who ever heard of a fridge that is not magnetic. Oh well.
Our awesome Kenmore Elite stove/oven. And our dish washer. (It's actually a couple years old but some of you haven't seen it so.....) Oh, and there is Katy on the laptop watching one of her many shows. Looking absolutely bored out of her mind. I think she was watching "Angel".
Our beautiful 61" Samsung television. Also our Blue-ray player and computer. (It's a bit dusty.) Daddy is pretty much in love. The most comfortable pair of sofas you could ever place your rear-end on. And they recline too! While mom is quietly enjoying her book, she's thinking, "No more wooden couches with crappy cushions! Woo-hoo!" Oh, and a new coffee table too.
Well, there ya have it. Can't wait 'till we can all enjoy a movie together on our huge screen! Love you all!


Staci said...

LOVE IT, I'm so excited to diveinto that new fridge! i love those couches too they really are the most comfortable! i love katy and her tv shows!

katymartin said...

man! i was not bored outta my mind. i love my tv shows! angel is amazing:D

Matt said...

Yes, Katy, Angel IS amazing. Mica and I are on the last season but we haven't really gotten into it because of another show we just finished: Battlestar Galactica. Best show ever!!

Thanks for posting, Julia. I was wondering when you guys were gonna show some pics that would fill our hearts with envy. Can you believe the difference between those wooden crate couches and the recliner couches you guys have now? Night and Day! We just got some new furniture too that we'll have to post.