Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Fun at the Martin House

Here are some pictures from the wonderful 2010 Martin Christmas Celebration!

We had a blast opening up presents from each other. The best gifts were the 72 hours backpack kits that Mica and Matt received. Thanks Mom and Dad!

By the way, it would be fun to find out what everyone received this year for secret Santa. Leave a comment describing what you got and from whom.

Here we are at church, obviously. This may have been the first year that we did not fill up a whole pew at church. Next year will fix that!

We had some fun time relaxing with games, movies, and family time.

Mica blessed us all with her Mexican cooking skills. She made some homemade enchiladas, Mexican rice while Mom made a delicious cilantro-lime dressing for the salad. Mica made two extra pans for the family to freeze. Maybe we can enjoy those saved pans for next Christmas!

And finally, Sophie was upset that her room was stolen for a week. Here you can see her attempting to break back in.


Staci said...

yay thanks for posting so many wonderful pics of your Christmas! We are sad we couldn't of been there and sad we didn't get any pics :(. Everyone looks extra fine on christmas morning. I love Mica's night gowns! That food looks sooooo good. Looks like you guys had a fun relaxing family holiday vacation. We love you!

Secret Santa's;
Me(staci)-I received a sweet owl broach and tape despencer from Matty poo.
Rob-Got a lot of fun stuff from mom including a gift card to best buy, "inception" and "how to train your dragon" on blue ray.
Miles-Got an awesome Joker house to go along with his bat cave from Aunt Laura!
Lucy-Got a cute lil car toy from Uncle david.

Matt said...

Yes we missed you guys too. Looking forward to the spring time though. And who knows how many people we'll have at the Martin house next Christmas!

Mica and I got a beautiful embroidery of the Oakland temple from Staci and Rob. It is now hanging proudly in our living room. Thank you!

Julia said...

Thanks for posting, Matt! This is awesome. I especially love the picture of Sophie trying to break into your room.
It was so fun having you two home for Christmas!

-I got a bracelet from Katy.
-Mom got that calendar from Katy.
-Dad got that mug from Katy.
-And dad got a willow tree statue of a girl sitting with her dad, and that was from me.

Julia said...

Oh, and thanks again, Mica, for the amazing Mexican dinner!!! That was seriously so incredibly delicious. I'm excited to eat the ones in the freezer. ;)

David said...

Mica got me 2 very stylish pieces of clothing. A blue buttoned up church shirt along with a very nice sweater. THANKS MICA!

Yes, Christmas this year was truly fun. Even though not any of the Utahn's could make it, next year will definitely make up for that!

I mostly spent time with Jenn's family on Christmas day. Morning was strictly family time only obviously, but after 12 it was time to spend it with a hopeful future family =] They seriously are very much alike US - MOVIES and VIDEOGAMES all day long! Loooove it! I can't wait to introduce any of you guys to Jenn and her family! They are truly something special.

Anyways, thanks for the pics Matt! And as for pics of me and Jenn, they'll find themselves up here soon enough, so don't you worry! Love you all=]

Mica said...

You're very welcome, Julia! Thanks for helping me! I need to practice being Mexican, so maybe we could make enchiladas every Christmas that we're together!

p.s. can't wait until the next time I can come over and play. :)

Julia said...

I need to get in touch with my inner Mexican too. And that sounds like an awesome Christmas tradition! I would love to be Mexican with you, Mica. :)

Staci said...

Matt and Mica I'm not sure if you knew this but Steph did that thread drawing of the temple on the sewing machine.

Rob said...

I approve of this post.

Lindsay said...

mmm i want some mica enchiladas!! those look YUM. and i'm seriously diggin' everyones jammies in these pics. you guys are rad.