Monday, March 28, 2011


The big day is almost here! That's right people...Julia's very first prom! And it's not just any prom. It's the LDS prom. The one where you don't feel awkward if you don't have a date...because almost NO one has a date. And where shoulders and cleavage are hush hush. Yay!

So here is the lucky winner. This was actually my last choice out of narrowing it down to the top three. But I eventually warmed up to it, and mom said it looked "very glamorous". Plus, the first one was kinda boring and the second one was a wee bit on the pricey side. Anyway. I procrastinated finding my prom dress until just last night, but no worries! It will definitely be here in time.
(Prom is April 16th)
And guess how much it cost.....99 dollars!! Three cheers for frugality!

And here is the color it's coming in. Mom and I pondered and prayed over which color to choose, and we both agreed that purple (they called it "grape") would compliment me the best.

But what I really need your help on (all my sisters out there!) is choosing a hairstyle. I'm pretty sure I want a low bun, with my bangs down. And I'm pretty sure I want the hairstyle that Miley is rockin' in the picture above. And Michelle Williams is gorgeous, so I just threw her in there for shiggles. But I am totally open to any other ideas! Also, jewelry and shoes if you have ideas for those.

Also, I'm still not sure if I want to go to the high school prom. I've been to homecoming once, and if it's anything like that...well...I don't think I wanna go. I'm worried I'd feel really uncomfortable. Also, I don't have a date, so that would make it even more awkward. It's in May, so I need to make a decision soon. So what do you guys say? Should I or should I not go to the high school prom?


Staci said...

I LOVE THE DRESS...really i usually think the high school prom dresses all look the same but i love the style of this..the cute lil cap sleeves it's so adorable. I love michelle's hair the best that would look sooo cute on you! Also RED LIPS you must do! I'm so excited you are gonna be BEAUTIFUL! Uh if you are asking me if you should go to high school prom i say only if you want to but i think it's all a bunch of BS. I went to my high school proms wearing t-shirts that said (prom crashers)and puffy skirts. I'm not very traditional though. Whatever makes you happy darling.

Mica said...

I love the dress too! I'm excited to see it in Purple. Hair: definitely go with Michelle's! Miley's bangs look sloppy to me. You don't want to keep pushing them out of your face the whole night. It looks like Michelle pinned some of her bangs?? Not really sure, but I like it! Shoes: depends on where the dress hits you. If it's long enough, you should rock some sassy, strappy heels! Jewelry: looks like you have some bling on the dress so be careful. I think just a pair of med-Lrg bling-y earrings would work! Prom: I'm with Staci. Don't go unless you've got a date that you feel comfortable with and a good group of friends. I say wear what Staci did! Or wearing matching converse (like what I did with my date). Just have fun!

Laura said...

haha holy crap I thought you were gonna go with the mustard color....pretty but more for brunettes...Love the purple!!

Julia said...

Wow, thanks ladies! That helps a lot. I'm relieved that you all like the dress. And I'm definitely going with Michelle's 'do. I agree, Miley's bangs do look sloppy. And Staci, I would love to do red lips! But I'm not sure...does red go well with purple? I'll have to try it and see how it looks.
Thanks again for all the tips! You are all so wise and experienced, it's crazy!

Staci said...


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be the first BROTHER/Male to comment and just say to you Julia, You look beautiful no matter what!! And just forget about the High School Prom. Its nothing but a night of stress and drama. I went 3 times, so I think I would know ;] But if a guy does happen to ask you out, make sure its with a group of friends and that you feel comfortable with. GO GET 'EM GIRL!!! And take pictures =]

Anonymous said...

ALSO I agree with Mica and Staci's suggestions. I too love the dress

Momma's Hart said...

awww... such sweet brother comments! I never had a brother so its fun to see the sibling support! The dress you choose is soooo pretty! Love it! If you do go with red lips, remember, practice! practice!! Same with hair, have a couple rehearsals and have fun with it! You already are and will be so beautiful! :)

Julia said...

I love you David!!! are so right. If I am able to muster up some courage, I will definitely wear red lips. It's a little daring for me...but I will try. Just for you!

Awww, thank you Emily! Gosh, you guys make me feel like a million bucks.

Katy Martin said...

alright! time for my input! i LOVE the dress and as you already know i love anything in purple. the design of the dress is very you jules, with the vintage style and puffed sleeves. and i def agree with everyone to go with Michelle's hair, its very simple and chique. (i think thats how you spell it). idk what to tell you about the shoes, i just always wore my black ones cause i usually would just take them off sooner or later. and with the high school prom dilemma....i never had a blast at the actual dance. it was before nad after that were my favorite parts. BUT if you can find an amazing guy and one of you ask eachother go for it! its fun when you're with a good guy and an even more amazing group of friends.

P.S. if i had been brave enough i totally woulda done what staci did! lol

Julia said...

It's "chic". haha

And thanks Katy, I'm glad you like it too. I've decided not to go to the high school prom after all. I mean...if a good friend asks me to go with him, I might., probably not. haha
So I got a big group of Mormon friends together to go to the LDS prom instead. We're gonna come over here and eat and hang out and stuff. It's gonna be pretty great!