Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Mom requested a Silly Girls update. Starting with our first one...

Theme: Mystery Action-The Omega Force

Theme: Movie Genres-Mystery (Clue)

Theme: Summer-Aqua beauties

Theme: Fall-Pumpkin People

Friday Self Portrait-Day of the Dead Skeleton
Theme: Halloween-1900 old photos

Part 2: after death ghost
Theme: Akward family christmas photos-Polygamous family
Friday Self Portrait-Frost
Theme: 12 days before Christmas-Piper pipping
Friday Self Portrait: Glamor-Hollywood Glamor
Glamor shots
Theme: Fairy Tale-Friendship
Fairy Tale Troll

Friday Self Portrait-Working for the weekend
Theme: Harajuku

I am really excited for this year and all the shenanigans planned. Look forward to some hippies, circus freaks, steam punk, and Omega Force part 2!


barbmartin said...

Awesome! Where do you get your ideas? Can't wait to share with the girls at work. Love you!

Mica said...

I love these Staci! I wish I had a "silly group" here to play with...OR, I wish I was in YOUR "silly group!" I miss you:)

Matt said...

These are fantastic. It's really hard to know what to say after being privy to such genius. My favorite are the polygamous family pics because they are SO TRUE!

Laura said...

ahh thanks for posting this!! I love your silly girls pics...obviously the best ones of all those girls that post!