Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can't Think of a Title

Alright, people! Here are some pictures from prom. The dinner party thing that I had beforehand was a LOT of fun. There were 7 people there, including myself. We had lots of yummy food, thanks to Mom. The actual dance was fun too, it was Hawaiian themed...of course. There were youth from 4 different stakes. So like...200 people, maybe? I have no clue. Anywho, the only downside was that guys these days do NOT ask girls to dance. It's like we're all hideously ugly and fat. But really, the boys are just dumb. But oh well! Me and my girls still had fun gettin' down on the dance floor!
So, here's the group! Logan Peiffer left early because he had to meet up with his hot date. ;) From left to right, we have Christian Daniels, Mckenna Estes, Me (duh), Desi Anderson, Hailey Lyman, and Jessica Oxborrow.
Christian looks terribly awkward...I have horrible posture...Desi is a creeper...Mckenna's eyes are closed...Jessica can't smile to save her life, and...Hailey is looking in the wrong camera. But still a great picture!
And of course, Mom insisted on getting a picture of my fabulous hair. I must admit, it did indeed look pretty fabulous. Thanks Teri! (Little pieces fell out of the bun throughout the night, though. Guess I was just partying too hard.)
These are two of my closest friends ever. There's Hailey again, and on the right is Cassie Fernelius. Most of you should remember them.
Logan and his date. So cute!
Cassie, Hailey, and me. It's tradition.
Desi is so awesome! She has a few learning and social disabilities that she has to deal with, but despite all of that, she is such a funny, sweet girl. She was so excited when I invited her to our pre-prom dinner party, but she was SO nervous for the dance. But as you can see, she eventually got over her shyness, and had a blast.
Here is Christian, one of the TWO boys in our group. There aren't many priests around here...
So there ya have it! Sorry about the poor picture quality with some of these. The camera was kinda cruddy. I will post more pictures later. There was a photographer at the dance, and she's putting together a website, so I'll try and get some pictures from there. :)


David said...

CUUUUUUTE! Awesome post Julia... You can really tell our Grandpa was a Dentist =]

Julia said...

Haha. Wow, thanks David. Right back at 'cha

Staci said...

wow, fabulous, darling, fun, yay! You are def. the prettiest girl there ;)