Sunday, June 26, 2011

We know how to Party!

Jenn brought her xbox connect over so we got our groove on. No Rob and I didn't and will not dance but you can enjoy everyone else. Matt was exceptionally great!


Chris said...

mmmaaaan! gimme some of that!

The Toland's said...

I love you matt.... I am your biggest fan/the president of you Fan Club!

Matt said...

Hey, this turned out pretty swell. Thank you Steph for fan support. I couldn't have done this with out you guys. ;) Unfortunately, though, Mica is the acting president! LOL

Actually, Mica and I would love to get this game system someday. Although I have some dance moves it was still VERY hard to keep up with the game. The real master at the dance party was Jen Olsen. You go girl!