Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time to get healthy!

Okay, family! It is time to change our bad eating habits and our non-existent exercise routines and get back in shape! Or just get in shape, if (like me) you've never really been in shape your entire life.

Except for in Middle School when I played field hockey, but that didn't last very long. Anyway!

I've started a routine for myself, and I am determined to stick to it no matter what! I know everyone says that, but I am serious. More serious than cancer.

My routine:
1. Go to bed early and wake up early, and be consistent about it. (I haven't exactly started that one yet, but I am working on it.) This part of the routine is important because then you won't feel lethargic throughout the day. For example, if you wake up at say...10 or 11 every day, then you feel lazy, am I right?? I'm right.
2. Make sure you don't skip meals. Many people believe that skipping meals will help you lose weight, and that may be true, but it backfires on you. It's not very healthy, and your metabolism doesn't work as fast if it's not getting the nutrients it needs. It's better to eat small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. Plus, in my opinion, it's a lot easier to eat smaller portions than it is to skip meals. I love food too much.

3. Eat lots of veggies and fruits. Little meat and dairy. Little grain. And no sugar. (Ughhh.) I don't really know about this part, I'm just going by what sounds healthy, haha. I've heard that it's healthier to avoid eating too much meat or dairy. But...whatever.

4. And finally, exercise for at least an hour each day. My current routine is doing 35 minutes of Pilates (Pilates for great) and then 30 minutes of speed-walking on the treadmill (while listening to a playlist entitled "Just Do It." Haha.). Today was my second day, and I can already tell it's working! My abdomen is a little sore, and so are my thighs. And I also sweat like a freak during the exercises. Which, I assume, means that it's working. And DON'T weigh yourself more than once a week. Your water weight fluctuates all the time. Just go by what you see in the mirror.
So, I hope this has inspired some of you to kick your bad habits, and start getting healthier.

I also just wanted to post this on the blog in order to motivate me more to reach my goal. I figured that if I post my weight goal on the internet, I can't really back down because now everyone knows about it. Good thinking, right? Right. So here is my goal:

150 lbs

I am NOT, however, going to post my current weight because that is just a liiiiittle too personal. Wish me luck! Actually, pray for me. I'm going to need all the help I can get.


David said...

AWESOME post Julia! I've actually been doing a lot of running the past month and its getting easier everytime! I know you don't need much luck cuz your a Martin =] But I will pray for you so that you have the motivation to do it daily. Lacking in motivation is what gets everybody, so go find a workout buddy! Love you!

Staci said...

zzzzzzzz...what what? Man I'm hungry!

Julia said...'re gonna get beat up in a few seconds...

Thanks David! And yes, the lack of motivation is definitely what gets me everytime. But it does get easier everyday. Love you too!

Mark said...

I really like your post, too, Julia! I know you can do this! You've just got to find your Ultimate Motivator. It's not clear from your post why you're doing this. Think carefully about why you're wanting to do this now and what you're hoping to gain from doing all of this work. This will help you to discover your Ultimate Motivator and that in turn will help you to stick with your program and accomplish your goal. I'll pray for you too! Love ya!

Laura said...

Just be sure to not take on too many goals on at once. It can seem overwhelming and then you feel like you've failed. Just take baby steps to your goals and you'll get there eventually. If you're finding it hard to eat "perfect" just eat smaller amounts of foods you love and incorporate fruits and veggies here and there! Also keep in mind that you're working on your goals for long-term so do what feels right for your body and don't follow any fad diets!! Another thing on goals, make goals weekly or even daily, for example "today i will not eat any sweets"! Its easier for me to make goals that way. Now exercise: don't push yourself too hard because then it won't be fun anymore. There will be days where you just wanna go and go! I love those
days! Find exercised that are fun. I hear people are
addicted to zumba these days. I've never tried it. But there are DVDs out! One more thing! Remember HALT: hunger, anger, lonely, tired! These are the main reasons why we turn to food! Listen to your body when you crave a food. If its any of those reasons find an activity to help you out rather than turn to food. And maybe you just want that
piece of chocolate just because and that's ok. Anyway good luck! I'm so proud of you!