Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hello family~ Nothing really new this week, I was able to attend a really good friends wedding in Salt Lake City this last week. Rob wasn't able to go because of work, but I'm sure he wasn't too upset about it because he got to play a lot of undisturbed Lord of the Rings online. This weekend was beautiful we did a lot of swimming and lazing around. Mom you are better than Jack Bauer I hope you know. You have to put up with so much with your work thats hard stuff, you are awesome! Also we were a little disappointed in the 24 season finaly, doesn't make us want to watch next season too much. So now that our t.v. shows are all ending we actually have to plan some summer stuff. This weekend we might go to AZ to visit some friends. We will keep you posted on things, we love you all very much!


Laura said...

cool pics stace...did you do those on your cool photoshop thingamajigger?

Staci said...

Yes, I did laura. It's my new hobby I love it!