Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Going to be a Grandma!!!

My darling family,
I am still tingling over the visit from Rob and Staci. I was great having them here in PA and enjoying a Mother's Day meal with their grandparents, Mark's mom and dad. That will be a sweet memory for many years to come. Rob and Staci, you are both in our prayers daily, for the health of Staci and the baby and for the secure development of your future. You are going to be awesome parents. It will require sacrifice, but it is soooo worth it.
We had the threat of a hostile parent at school this last week. I had to stand out back with my walkie-talkie and the Waynesboro police. Fortunately, the parent got the message and had made better choices. It was really nerve-racking but kind of exciting too. I felt like Jack Bauer!! :)
The days of flying by! Only 13 days left of school. The air conditioning is fixed and we are ready for summer. I spent hours this last Saturday planting flowers and bushes to beautify the side of the garage. Next I plan to work on the back. We love you all so much and pray for your safety and happiness. Can't wait to talk with you Matt. Hopefully you will be able to get on line sometime soon. We love you and miss you. :) Got to go! Season finale of 24 is on in 10 minutes! Yeahhhh!

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Staci said...

Mom~ You are so great, keep up the hard work and we look fwd to seeing your beautiful flowers sometime. Love you :) Rob and Staci