Friday, May 4, 2007

Moments from Mom

My darling kidkins!
Ah yes, another ending to a long week! We had a wild moment at work today. A mother came in extremely distraught saying that there was an emergency and that she needed her son. While Dianne, the principal, went to get her son, I put my arm around the mother and had her sit down so she could get herself under control. She began talking about her husband being extremely angry with her because she was going to leave and she had told him that she was interested in another man. Then she began rocking back and forth with her face in her hands and wailing that "she didn't mean to do it." Suddenly, I was convinced that she was going to confess to killing her husband. I was having visions of being on the witness stand a year from now testifying that she had confessed to me. Fortunately, she managed to tell me that her husband had taken an overdose and was being taken to the hospital and she had been kicked out of the house. We had to call the local bar to try and find her brother to come and get her. When we talked to the bar owner, she told us that she was known there by "Darlene", not by her real name. It was crazy!! The son's older sister came to get him and the mom went with her brother. She and her husband have been married 27 years. They are in their 40s and apparently use heroin. It sounds more inner city, doesn't it? Not little ol' Waynesboro. But, actually, I deal with situations like this quite often. The other day I had to confront a father who happens to be a professional bounty hunter. I honestly love my job. Every day is a new adventure!

This blog is a wonderful idea!!! Only Stac could come up with this fantastic idea! Way to go, Stac.

Our upstairs bathroom is all torn apart. We are having the walls, doors, windows repainted and wallpapered. We are also having a new sink top, vanity, toilet and floor put in. It is going to look great! I am going to try and do the downstairs bathroom myself this summer. Then on to the kitchen!! He,he!

By the way, we are putting off the road trip out west to next year. Dad does not have enough time to take off to help me with the driving. I don't think I can do 12 days of 9 hours driving each. Sorry Rob and Stac. We will have to wait for another time.

We love you lots! Keep us posted on your happenings!!
Love, mom

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Staci said...

Mom, sad story truely. We are really mad at you guys for ditching us this summer, oh well we will get over it ;)Guess we have to come visit you guys now, esp to see the bathroom all ripped to shreds. We love you and miss you tons. :)