Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekend in Vegas

Thanks mom for posting it was so good hearing from you. That was some story, crazy scary! You'll have to tell us more crazy scary stuff. Sad but it does make life a little more interesting wouldn't ya say. Alright so this weekend we went to Vegas and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so we can't tell you what we did hahah jk. Friday night we went to the "Chris Cornell" concert and Rob loved it! I thought it was good but I hate standing the whole 3 hrs. :( It was fun though! The only reason I like going to those concerts is to see how happy Rob gets. He loves that stuff, he dances and sings, it's great. Then we stayed the night in the most ghetto of all ghetto hotels in Vegas. Sat. we met up w/ some friend and dare I say we did the "Star Trek Experience" Yes, but I am still not a geek! That actually was really fun. There were some rides and a good restaurant. Then we went to "Spider Man" good flick I'm glad it's over and now we are waiting for the 2nd Batman ohhhhh yeah! We are sad to hear that you wont be able to come out this summer :( :( double frown. Don't worry we will try to get out there to see all of you soon. :):) double smiles...ok that was cheezy. Anyway keep the post comming and We want to hear from EVERYONE! We love you tons!

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