Sunday, May 6, 2007


Yes! This blog will save our family. I was hoping something would come along and unite us. The couple thousand miles between Utah and Pennsylvania is becoming too much! Seriously, this blog will allow us to save a lot of time. Now, whenever the family asks me how I'm doing, I'll say, "Check the blog, yo!"

I went to St. George last weekend. It was truly a blast. I went down with about four friends from BYU Singers. We have a small jazz group and were invited to sing for some rich folks. It was awesome! The house we stayed in was incredible. They were all so nice too. In fact, one man there is on the board of directors for Deseret Book. He liked us so much that he invited us to sing at their next retreat for Sheri Dew and the first Presidency! I couldn't believe it. It'll be in January. We'll see if we can do it. It was also a blast hanging out with Rob and Staci. They definitely know how to take care of family. We went to the theaters, ate dinner, and swam. Good times!

Well, this whole week has been devoted to South African culture classes and rehearsals. We've been learning how not to get killed in South Africa. I've decided that if anyone asks me for my money, I'll reach into my pocket saying, "Sure, he's some change for you!", and spray them with mace! It'll probably won't work so I'll have to forget it. Actually, it can be dangerous down there but we're taking the correct measures to be safe. In fact, we hired Jack Bauer to be our tour guide. Ha! Okay, I'll be serious now. We'll be fine. I can't send you guys any photos while I'm down there but I'll be sure to post a big, fat posting when I get back.

We've also been rehearsing for hours and hours. We've learned a lot of music this year, about 50 pieces, and needed to polish many of them. We basically are going to be visiting several universities in South Africa and hold workshops and concerts. We'll also be holding several firesides for the members down there. I can't wait for those. Also, we were invited by the King of Swaziland, a kingdom in South Africa, to sing for him and his court! Yeah! Can't wait. It'll be awesome. But truly, I'm looking forward to meeting members of the church down there. There's just something about meeting other Mormons. There's an instant connection, an immediate commonality. Wow! There's so much to say but I've said enough already. Peace out!

P.S. Pictures: These are from the St. George trip, the house we stayed in, my students at the elementary school, and from my barbershop quartet. We recently recorded all of our music. It was a blast!

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Staci said...

matt-cute girl in the blue ;) Thanks for your post. We look fwd to hearing from you again when you get back. Have fun, WE LOVE YOU!