Saturday, June 23, 2007

YW's Camp

Hey you guys i just recently got back from YW's Camp and it was amazing! At first i was close to tears because this year i was going on the 4th year hike and my level isn't really the closest with eachother. So i was really nervous of spending 4 days with them alone in the mountains. The first day wasn't too bad. We only did about 1.5 miles. Then we made camp, ate dinner, did our fireside, and then just went to bed. The next day though is the hardest. We had to do almost 7 miles and get done by 2:00. Well in the middle around 1:00 one of the girls tore her ankle ligament and was unable to walk. It may have taken a while but we were able to make a stretcher for her out of blankets and wood. She is a non-member so when our priesthood asked her if she wanted a blessing i prepeared myself for the worst. But she calmy and assuredly replied that yes she what it was and that she wanted one. I was amazed. So we gave her one and you could just feel the spirit and the concern everyone had for her. After that we had to divide the packs of the people who were carrying the injured and the girl's pack also. So we decided that two people would carry one bag. The people carrying the bags went ahead and the injured took their time. About 30 minutes after we started it began to rain very her. I was partnered up with a girl that i did not know and who was a non-member. My partner and I had both lagged behind from and the weight of the extra bag. We were both scared of thunder and also the pack kept falling apart. So i asked her if she knew any hymns and she said no. She then suggested that we sing Christmas songs, such as Jingle Bells. I groaned and said that we were not singing that song. lol. So i then suggested that we pray. I started and as the prayer went on the thunder seemed to grow louder. I then had to yell and I felt like it was a different voice coming outof me. I then understood what the early members meant when they said that they could hear Jospeh Smith speaking out of Brigham Young. After the prayer i felt a little bit stronger and braver and we both decided to move on. About 5 minutes later i saw up ahead two figures. I saw that they were girls from and our group. I yelled but they could not hear us so i yelled to my partner to summon all her strength and to walk fast so we could catch up. When we did we were so happy to see them. They said that they had been worried about us and had wanted to go to camp drop off their bag then run back to look for us. We were so grateful to be noticed that we were not with the group that i felt like crying. All four of us then decided that carrying the packs along with ours would be too much. We dropped the extra bags, covered them with our ponchoes, and rushed to our campsite. After that everything went ok and the injured girl made it safely to camp. So this was a kindof spiritual experinece for me. in many ways because in the beginning of the week i had prayed that we would all become closer and being apart from eachother made us realize how important we were to eachother and how much we needed one another. So i got a double blessing in a very good disguise. After that day everything was great. We all became really close and i miss everybody already. We got to our destination safely and ate some real food at a general store resturant. oh and also on weds. i think my tent ripped a huge 5x1 foot hole on the side of the window. And it would get bigger if you lightly pressed your finger against it. It was crazy. So one of the brothern had to go hike ahead and get an extra tent! on thursday we got to the YW's Camp and were greeted with cold water and lots of hugs. After that all we wanted was to jump in the pool! So we got all our gear and headed to the pool. When I got there i wa shocked. There were cute lifeguard boys! I was amazed. last year they were old geezers who were wrinkly. but this year they were hot, six pack, boys our age! i almost fainted. i had been out in the woods for 4 days and then they give me this. lol. all of us 4th years were so happy. but we couldn't "flirt" with them. but we could still look. haha. so that was all a lot of fun. after that was our yell which was hilarious. here's my fave part,

The Little Mermaid tune to Under The Sea:
under the trees, under the trees
down here its wetter
its not much better
take it from me
Back at the camp you play all day
under the trees we sweat away
its not that easy
finding a peetree
under the trees

that is my fave part. also they was the bishipric dinner, testimony with our wards, then bedtime. I actually slept outside underneath the stars. Us fourth years took our cots and pulled them around the fire. it was so much fun. we all ate candy and talked about boys. At the bishipric dinner i had my friend elena draw a tattoo on my arm. it looks amazing! except i had to wash it off! mom didn't really like it! haha. but sleeping outside was amazing! the stars were beautiful. i thought wow god made all this. so i sofly said thank you god. then fianlly closed my eyes and went to sleep. in the morning we all slept in and as a consequence we got to breakfast late! their were no tables left with our stake. so a friend and myself had to eat with complete strangers. no one sat with us and just kindof treated us like lepers. so we both acted like complete lunatics! that was fun. later were the awards, pictures, more hugs, packing up, and many other things. in the and we all had to say good bye. There were tears, more hugs, more pictures and finally i had to say bye. when i got in the car all the exaustion that i had been holding back fianlly came over me. i slowly took off my shoes which everyone hated, but what can they do? then i leaned back and closed my eyes for the next hour ride home. Now here i am; cleaned, showered, makeup on, clean cothes, and not quite fully rested. I'll put up some camp pictures when they develop. so hopefully that will happen soon. if this entry was too long im sry. but staci wanted to know what happened at camp. so there it is. and now i really need to go to sleep! btw my trail name on the hike was K-Mart! also i was known as Burpalicious. you can just see what that was for! lol. love everyone and if anyone has any questions then just ask and i will answer! Katy


Staci said...

Katy~ You are awesome..thank you so much for posting. That was great. I loved reading that. Seems like you had a fun time. What a great experience. Thank you again and I love you :)

Matt said...

K-Mart, that's where I'm shopping from now on! Katie, I loved your post. You need to contribute more stuff to the blog because your writing is so personal and likeable. Yeah, and we definitely need some pics to go along with these stories. Thanks again. Luv ya!