Saturday, July 21, 2007

new guy in my life

Hey guys!! well there is a new guy in my life right now! His name is Ryan CHaney! He went to my High school! He's about 6 months younger than me! He played baseball in highschool and apparently he's really good because he got a scholarship to attend shippensburg but sadly he ruptured a disk in his back and is just waiting for it to heal....and they had to drop him from the team and the scholarship! So now he's attending HCC! I ran into him at the movie theaters and he introduced himself to me because we didn't really now each other in highschool! He moved to waynesboro the end of his Sophmore year in highschool! so anyways i went the movies again that same week maybe 2 days later! and during the whole movie i was thinking u know i really want to ask this guy for his number or something!!! I looked for him after the movie but couldn't find him! So Julia and I went shopping but i was like NO i'm going back and see if he's there! Apparently he was on his break and his manager showed me that he was just sitting and he had his head down taking a nap! So we exchanged numbers and apparently he was reallly glad i came back becaue he wanted to get my number as well! I told him where i worked and that he should come visit me at work! So he did monday and asked me if i wanted to go to Twin Kiss with him later that night and get ice-cream!! I was so excited! and it was absolutely awesome! we hit it right off and we've been hanging out every night this week...and that's no exxageration! And get this!! he use to drink and all that crazy stuff....but first thing i asked him when he came to visit me at work was if He drank....and he said no and said that it was stupid and doesn't like doing it! I was impressed with him already.....because all my friends here that's all they do! I knew that Ryan was a good guy from the beginning! And don't tell anyone but he made it official with me and asked if i would be his g/f! ok i know i know what ur thinking! we just met!!!!! BUUUUT i really like him and i trust him very much! Hey mom and dad dated for only 6 weeks and got married....why can't I hangout with a guy for a week and be his g/f! I rest my case....K love u guys! I just wanted u guys to know about him! By the way Ryan is the guy in the middle...and this is for stacey!!! Man he's got a nice bod!


Staci said...

wooo wooo...everyone is hooking up this summer..must be the summer of LOVE! Ok you will be expecting an email from me on this one Laura ;)

Staci said...

honey, you've found some sugar for the summer! i'm glad he's a good guy. and besides, now you can get into the theaters for free! hugs and kisses XOXOXO