Monday, July 23, 2007

Family in Cali~

What a great weekend. First off our flights to SLC then to Sacramento went smooth. We met up with Paul, Emily and their sweet little angel (Amy). It was like a family reunion with so many of us there. We deffinatly picked a great weekend to come. We got to see Rachel and Brien they filled us in on their LA lives...including all the "Transformer" excitement, they are so much fun! We also got to see Barbrajean and her clan, Aaron and his bunch, Aunt Jeanie and the twins, and we missed Saralynn by like an hour. Of course we brought the Wii, it was so much fun playing with Matt, Paul, and the twins. We had good food and good company the whole time. I wish we can all get together sometime as the whole family, we need to plan a family reunion sometime. Rob seemed like he really enjoyed everything. He got to see some of his old friends and actually when we were out eating with Aunt Jeanie he ran into an old girl that he was friends with when he was going to school out there. So that was interesting to say the least...he was excited about that.
Sunday we got the opportunity to hear Matt speak so that was awesome. He did a realllll good job! We actually got to see him shed a tear for the first time in along time. (Sorry Matt I had to say something, we love you). It was really great, we were all touched. After church we got Matt and Rachel sing for us that was so nice, they both rocked it! Matt also got a great tan as you can probably tell in the pics. Well we deffinatly looking fwd. to next month and getting to see Matt, David, and Laura. So till something new happens we miss you and Love you all!

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Cherylann and Mike said...

Hey, I know this is months later, I just got the link to the blog. But we are having a Rawlins reunion in Park City next July (13th-20th?) Everybody come! It would be a blast. There will be a link to a website about it soon (like, when we get a website...:) )