Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Let me just tell you it was another amazing Josh concert. Even though I didn't shake his hand this time it was a better all around performance. The energy was so amazing in SLC rather then Las Vegas like the first one. He told us that SLC is his favorite and it has a special place in his heart since he first appeared at the closing ceremony at the SLC Olympics. So he taped his concert cd that night. You will be able to hear our screams if you listen real hard hahah. I went with my mom, sister, and cousin. Once again he stopped my heart with his voice. This time I got some pictures, but not very many because I used up my memory taping videos. Oh well I rather hear him sing. So along with pictures I have videos! Enjoy ...Love you all tons.


stephanie said...

THE BEST FREAKING CONCERT EVER!! He was amazzzzing. Only one bad thing about it though, I didnt get to touch his hand this time :(

stephanie said...

Oh yeah, I hope you guys dont mind me putting comments on "your" family blog! But hey if I wasnt married to Eric, I would be married to Matt, so I think that is close enough to the Martin family!

Rob said...
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Matt said...

Tender comments Steph! I love these pictures. I am starting to like this Josh kid more and more over the years. It's nice to see he plays the piano too. I wonder why SLC is such a better place to perform. Hmmm ... anyway, thanks for the post! I always like the concert posts. Hopefully I can add one someday! :)

Paul and Emily said...

So, COOL!!!!

My mother just went to Josh's concert here in CA! She loved it! I was totally bummed that I was not invited!

Anyhow, I'm verra glad that you (Staci) were feeling well enough to attend the concert! I'm sure your baby loved the music too!

Luv, Emily (Paul and Amy too!)