Monday, August 27, 2007

Million Dallor Wedding!

Our weekend in Cali was awesome! The wedding was beautiful as you can see in the pictures. By the way the order of the pictures starts down then go up. It was held at the "Montage" resort in Laguna Beach which is a really expensive place I guess that's where a lot of the celebrities stay. It over looked the ocean and it was such a beautiful day. There were fresh flowers everywhere. The ceremony was very nice, my sisters and I were excited to hear the groom speak for the first time because he is from the UK and as you can see he is very handsome with his accent it made him more. Dana is beautiful as well she is half Korean my uncle got lucky and married a beautiful Korean woman and had two girls. They make most of their money investing and reality. Dana is an event/wedding planner in Hollywood so as you can see she knew exactly how she wanted her wedding. Everything was such good quality and rich. For the reception we had a 5 course meal the main course was filet mignon and lobster. I wish I was able to eat it my belly wasn't taking to the food very well so I just got to look at it. It look pretty.
During the last part of the reception we were all surprised when the USC band came out. My uncle is probably their biggest fan, both of the girls graduated from USC and most of Dana's friends that were there were fans as well. It was really a lot of fun. Sadly it was getting late and I wasn't feeling well anymore so we left before cake. I was sad because my sister told me I missed out I guess it was wonderful.
We really did have a great time and also spending time with Marlon and Suzanna. It's good to be back home. Tomorrow I'm off again to go up to Salt Lake City to see "JOSH GROBAN" ahhhh I can't wait. Oh and some exciting news my sister had her baby tonight so I can't wait to see my niece for the first time tomorrow. We will keep you you all.


Paul and Emily said...

WOW!!! Have you thought about become a professional wedding photographer?! I think you should open a photography studio!

It's neat that you got to go to such an extravagant event! I loved all the sparkles! But all I keep thinking is how many more people in the world I could have feed using that much money! :)

Matt said...

Okay, that's a dream wedding if I've ever seen one. I used to work wedding receptions when I waited tables at a country club back home. Those dinky little parties don't compare to this extravaganza. I love the decorations and the marching band especially!