Monday, August 20, 2007

The Paul Rawlins Family

Thank you Staci for inviting us to join in on The Martin Kin :)

Hello everybody! It's been a blast to have Matt in California! We wish we had equal time to spend with everyone from the Martin Family! To introduce ourselves to The Martin Kin blog, we thought we'd start with pictures of our family!

We took these at Amy's 6 month photo shoot! Isn't she a cutie? :)

We are so happy for Rob and Staci's happy baby news! Congratulations guys!

We'll be looking forward to keeping in touch with everybody!

the Rawlins Family
Paul, Emily, and Amy!


Staci said...

thank you for posting...cute pictures. We look fwd to hearing from you more often. Love you :)

Matt said...

Oh man, Amy is so freaking cute! I love her little tongue-sticking-out thing. Thanks for the post. You guys are always welcome to post. It's gonna be sad to leave all the relatives behind in California when I go back to Utah! (sigh)