Sunday, September 23, 2007


Just keeping everyone updated. Rob and I are doing pretty good I still have morning sickness and it's becoming a routine everyday to get around it. To make things more real we got to hear the heart beat of our lil one this last week. It's real now, now we just take things one day at a time. Last weekend was pretty crazy though. Friday we went to Vegas to see the "Smashing Pumpkins" which was a really great concert. Then Sat I flew to SLC to see my lil neice and Rob flew to L.A. for another huge concert. I guess there were like 10 bands there including the "Smashing Pumpkins" and "FooFighters" so he had a blast. Thats enough concerts for awhile though. Now we are just taking it easy enjoying the cooler weather. We are really excited for conference weekend to go up to SLC and see Matt, Laura and hopefully Mica ;) .Well thats about all the excitement around here. I look forward to next month for sure don't forget my birthday Oct 5, Julia won't forget ;) . Love you all!

p.s. these are some pics. from "smashing pumpkins" concert.


Laura said...

man i'm so jealous that you guys got to see all those cool bands!! i heard u saw hot hot heat!! i freaken love were they????

Bill and Tara said...

How cool!!! Enjoy it while you can, it might be a while before you feel up to leaving the baby long enough to go to a full concert! I got to see a few good one while in Vegas, and a band I like is going to be in SLC next month, but I'm not sure I can leave Eddie that long, he is a bit on the difficult side. Jade was a breeze, we went out all the time with her. Hopefully this little sweet bug will be good like Jade so you guys can still go out on dates! Glad to hear you are surviving pregnancy!

Staci said...

Yeah Laura Pumpkins were great. Rob is the concert freak though. I think thats enough concerts for awhile. Tara good advice, I'm not to sad to leave the concert life behind. Unless it's Josh Groban...ahh Rob can baby sit for one night.

Paul and Emily said...

Hey guys!

Weren't you all gett'n together for conference weekend?! We wanna see some new posts!!!