Monday, October 8, 2007

Homecoming 2007

So Happy Together!
Hey everyone! So last Saturday was homecoming. The dancing was cool, and good music. It was a lot of fun. Although for my first date i think i kindof bombed it! I guess I need more practice. Here are some pictures, Hope you like them. (btw Chris forgot to take pics and me and my date so i don't have any good ones. sorry):

Chris was in the Homecoming Court, he escorted Heather Sell. Me and my date Billy. I know weird picture but it's the only one i have!
Chris with his date, Natalia. She is really nice!


Staci said...

Oh my goodness what fun...cute date k-mart ;) I miss you guys!

Matt said...

Man, the Martins are getting better and better looking. Nice homecoming pics. Hope you guys had a fun time. School dances are always interesting! They're a far cry from stake dances, that's for sure!