Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend of Expectations

Our Expectations were met this weekend when we got the opportunity to meet Matt’s future prospect Mica. She is as sweet as she is beautiful. I personally enjoyed getting some one on one time to hear her side of the relationship so be reassured that they are perfect for each other. They both probably hate me right now but I must say what I feel ;) Plus Matt you know I talk too much. Mica, Rob and I really enjoyed spending time with you and we have never seen Matt sooo happy in all our lives. We have hope for both of you and look forward to what’s to come in the future. You have already made it in with the families so you both know what the next step is ;)

It seems like forever since we have posted the latest with us. Sorry nothing really new going on. We have been looking at homes and we have found a couple of homes we really love. So hopefully we can settle on one and move in next month or so. Our baby is doing good... I’m still throwing up at least once a day and I hope it goes away soon b/c it’s getting kinda annoying. If you saw me right now you would think I was very bloated I’m really starting to pudge out now.
We didn’t forget~ Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to Dad on the 28th, David on the 31st, Katie on the 1st, and Julia and I on the 5th. Happy Birthday to you!!Isn’t Fall the best time of the year! We love you all and miss you tons.


Bill and Tara said...

OK, that was a fun weekend for us too, only bummer.... was not seeing you and Rob! The timing was bad on our side, it was all Bill could do to set aside the little time we did have to visit with Matt and Mica. I just love'em!

Glad things are going "normal" with the pregnancy! This too will pass, and before you know it, you will have a little stinker like I have, who spits up poo-like food, whails at the sight of a carseat, insists on playing with everything he is not supposed to touch, and keeps you up at night. :) You will be in heaven soon, just hang in there!!!

Check out my blog for some more cute pics of Matt. I couldn't post most of the pics we took, they were a bit on the questionable side, Matt is one sly dawg. ;) I'll email you later Staci and we can gossip freely since it's our "big-sister"-ly rights! :) (right? of course right.)

Paul and Emily said...

Staci, I always love your narratives! Haha! Paul was ecstatic when he rushed in to tell me to check out this blog... LOL We are verra happy for Matt & Mica!

Hey Matt, we're glad you were brave to come to Stockton. I was right! You are such a good match! Can I claim part of your match-making rights?! ;) We had a great summer and miss 'ya! We noticed on Momma Rawlins Thanksgiving list that you and many of the Martin kin will be here for Thanksgiving?!

Is that true? Who's coming???? We're so excited!!!

Paul and Emily said...

And oh yeah, just singing along with Staci.... "Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to Dad on the 28th, David on the 31st, Katie on the 1st, and Julia and I on the 5th. Happy Birthday to you!!"

And I agree... Fall is the best time of the year!!! :)

Rob said...

Well, Staci sometimes speaks for herself. I have seen Matt happy like that before. Actually, I see it every time we play Team Fortress 2 together and frag some n00bs baby! YEAH! Medic and heavy for the win! Seriously though, Mica is way cool.

Paul and Emily said...

WOW! Staci! We love the new pics and slideshows... you're awesome! Hope you're feeling better soon! Just remember to wear comfy clothing, even if you have to declare pajama day sometimes! ;)

stephanie said...

Matt she is HOT!...and Stac I love the new setup on the blog. Liking the music...but there is only one thing missing...this blog needs more pic.s of me ;) haha

Bill and Tara said...

Ok Staci, when are you going to post a picture of yourself with your cute little bump? People want to see!!!