Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stockton and Beyond

Okay, first of all. I apologize for all the pictures of just me and Mica. We just can't get enough of ourselves! But, I also just thought these were good ones.

This last Thanksgiving has been my favorite so far. I never thought, though, that I would be in Stockton for Turkey Day. I always thought I would be in St. George or Provo. Well, just another example of how my plans change. Anyway, I had a great time being with the Wilsons and the Rawlins. So much fun! I spent Thanksgiving day with the Rawlins side up in Elk Grove at Barbara Jean and Brian's house. Before we ate, we played a fun game of football. Then the feast began. Later that night I hung out with Mica and her family and tasted some of their leftovers.

It was a blast to see Mica, my family, and people I had become friends with over the summer. Stockton is now a "special" place to me! These pictures are of me and Mica having fun and getting ready for our trip out to Utah. On Friday we traveled on I-80 straight to Utah. The drive was great. We were really blessed with good weather, no traffic, and a good working car. Mica's dad made sure that everything was working properly in her Toyota Corolla. And her mom made sure we had plenty to eat on the way over there. What a great family! Enjoy the pictures.


Paul and Emily said...

We're glad you made it back home safe and sound. I'm sure the return home doesn't get any better when you're with the woman you love! We were glad to see you over Thanksgiving Matt! When can we expect another visit? I have my bet on the next time Mica goes home for a visit. Anyway, enjoy returning to the grind of school :). Cya!

Staci said...

hahah Oh silly M&M. You guys are so cute together it makes me wanna puke! Mica's family looks adorable. I thought there for a sec. that in that family pic Matt was taller then Mica, but then saw he was standing on his tippy toes BUSTED! We are so excited to see you guys next month when we make a trip up there. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we love you both!

Bill and Tara said...

Staci I like the "M&M" thing, we will have to call them that from now on. :) It's funny, I know Mica is a tad taller than Matt, but when they are together, I NEVER even think or notice the (one) inch Mica has on him. :)

Matt, you two really are adorable together. It was really nice to see you guys as you passed through. I'm glad you posted all those pics of you and Mica, it shows your personalities well. :)

barbmartin said...

Oh my word! It looks like we are adding more goofy members to our already gooferrific family! Loved the pics, Matt and Mica. Can't wait until next month. Love you guys!

Cherylann and Mike said...

So cute, it will be fun to meet Mica sometime! It was great to see you again on Turkey Day! Good luck with everything in Provo!