Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our New Home!

Living room

Master bed room. I didn't get a pic. of our bathroom but it's off to the right and really tiny.

Guest bathroom

Dinning area



Linen closet

Hall way to lead into the kitchen, laundry on the right, linen closet on the left.

Living room

Front enterance

Rob coming out of our garage, that door behind him is a closet.

Here is our garage, on both sides there are built in shelves so it's got a ton of storage. We also have two spare bedrooms. Right now we are using one as an office/guest bedroom then the other one will be David's when he moves in. We will have the baby in our room at first then eventually move things around. I forgot to get pics of he outside so I'll post those later. Once we are all settled in and have furniture and some life to it I'll make a video to give you all a virtual tour. There are some changes I want to make and I'm so excited to get started. I'll surprise you all later. Love you tons


Chris said...

Wowie, great house guys! I like how the living room is connected to the kitchen, that's where all the partyin is gonna be! Good choice

Rob said...

Man, heck nah! All the fun is gonna be in the gaming room (office)! heck yeah!

Paul and Emily said...

Sucker Rob! Heck yeah!! Gotta have a little seclusion to the game room! Nice house Rob and Stac! Pretty cool stuff! Can't wait to see it in person! Have fun decorating the way you want Staci. (Except for the game room. I'm sure Rob's got plans for that baby!) :) Anyway, miss you guys! Happy Unpacking! ...and I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving too!

Matt said...

That house looks so clean and new. Make sure it's not an old meth lab. Is it all tile? Is there any carpet? I bet it'll be nice to have a garage. Can't wait to come down to the new crib!

Rob said...
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Staci said...

Matt, only the kitchen and bathrooms are tile. The living room and bed rooms are's all pretty much the same color so it's hard to tell in pics. Next time you come visit I will hopefully have it somewhat put together so you can see the whole thing.

Bill and Tara said...

AWESOME!!! It looks like it has a good layout, I hope to see it on my way through for Spring break in March!!! Are you going to paint? (la,la, house painting is soooo fun!!!) ;)

barbmartin said...

Rob and Stac, this looks wonderful and so roomy! But, come on, no more talk of the "crib" or the "game room". I want to see how the baby's room is going to look. That's where the partyin' will be. For me, at least! :)

Cherylann and Mike said...

Looks great! What an adventure putting a house together is! Have fun!