Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Trip!

This was our flight from St.George to Salt Lake at the crack of dawn. I hate getting up that early but seeing beautiful sun rises like this makes it all worth while!
What a wonderful weekend we had with my sister and her husband and of course my sweet little neice. This picture I love because she was afraid of Rob and when he kissed her it freaked her out. I love those cheeks!

I had to take some naked pics. of her after bath time! She loves her nightly baths.

That is her best friend koala. We discovered her love for the koala when my mom came to visit and had to baby sit her. She was very upset mommy was gone and so grandma(my mom) pulled out this koala that my sister Steph made her w/ love at "Build a bear" and it makes her so happy! She seriously loves this koala!

We also had a BLAST with the Martin familiy. We got dad and mom to play "Guitar Hero" and they both rocked it! We only got it for one night but we know we got them hook ;)

We loved our last lil trip before our lil one arrives. It's amazing to think that next time we see everyone you will all be aunts, uncles, and grandparents! While we were there we got to go through some family names so we can decide on a middle name for Myles/Miles. With much consideration and many names to choose from. We have offically decided on Miles Robert Martin!
As much as I love Myles with the "Y" we really want to keep things traditional for our first son. I also feel it's important for Rob to feel strongly about his first son's name...so this means next baby is my choice! Robert was named after his grandpa "Robert Clarence Martin" and we would of named Miles after Rob's dad "Mark Perry Martin", but naming him Miles Mark Martin would of been too many "M's" and Perry has already been taken too many times in their family. We really liked Clarence, but his grandpa hates that name I guess and we thought it would make him sound a lil wimpy so we decided on a good strong name and having him named after his good STRONG father we really loved Robert! Man I never thought choosing the middle name would be this difficult, but in the long run it was a lot of fun looking back on Rob's family history and seeing some interesting names. Also we came across some Kelly's in his family which I hope are very distant from me :S
Thank you everyone for your imput in helping us decide on our First Born Son's name. Sorry to my family that really wanted Myles :( Momma B you really helped make the final decision with all your support. We will keep you informed if for some reason the name changes. We love you all very much and already miss you! Can't wait to see you all in a couple months.


Paul and Emily said...

Miles Robert Martin is a nice strong name for whom we are sure will be one handsome boy!

Glad you had such a fun trip! It will be really great to see everybody in a couple months! Just think a few short weeks you'll be holding Miles in your arms!

Oh, and let us not forget... your lil' niece and the koala bear is such a cutie pie! Was that your twin sister? Welcome back! Hope Rob gives you lots of belly rubs and foot rubs! ;)

T said...

Great pictures! I love the name, it is perfect, although I did like Wallace...maybe it's the Braveheart fan in me:) It was so wonderful having you here to visit. We loved having you and thanks for bringing the guitar, that was fun.

Tara said...

LOVE the name Staci!!! You look amazing! I can't wait to meet the Martin family in a few months! I am so glad Mica is going to be part of such a wonderful family, I couldn't ask for more as a sister. (you and your sister have the cutest hair styles too! Sisters are the best!)

Staci said...

Emily-That is my older sister Aymee..can't wait to see you soon as well.

Aymee- Thanks for letting us stay at your place and for letting me smother adalei to death!

Tara- Thank you...I knew you would like Miles w/ an "I". Mica is marrying into an amazing family..I love the Martins. Aymee is going w/ a mohawk right now and totally pulls if off...me on the other hand blah, but thanks :)

barbmartin said...

It was so hard to say good-bye to Rob and Staci. What a wonderful weekend together with them, and Amyee, Travis, and sweet Adalei! Amyee, we would love to see more of you and your family. Anytime!! Now comes the hard part----waiting for lil Miles to make his appearance! It is a wonderful name. I feel that this is a very special spirit that is coming down and receiving such a strong name. How blessed he will be to have such loving and great parents! We are so proud of you two!

The Toland's said...

I guess that Miles with an "i" will do...but I am still spelling it with a "Z" at the end. I love the pic.s and am crazzzy jealious that you got to see my lil' babe.

The Toland's said...

and your hair looks cute...getting all grown out...it looks alot like mine now (we look like TWINS)...I cut it again hahah and you were right ...its just gunna get shorter and shorter...I cut it pretty short and Eric had a FITTTT hahha he said that now there are no girls in the Kelly fam. all of us girls are now boys hahahah b/c we all have short hair! Check out my blog...I posted new pic.s of my short hair!

Matt said...

I hate reading these posts because I get jealous of all this family time that I'm missing out on! But I'm still happy Rob and Staci and the unborn child had a good time in PA. I love the pics with the parents playing guitar hero! And your hair is looking really cute Staci. I also love your hair Aymee! By the way, Grandpa Martin hates the name Clarence? I had no idea. But that makes sense since Grandma always says, "Oh Bob!". Well, I do like Miles. It's growing on me. Like a fungus. See you this weekend.

Lindsay said...

I love the first picture from the airplane.. that sky is fricken aMAZING. And your hair... so cute! i love how it's growing out... it looks great on you.

Brian Wall said...

You also may want to consider Miles BRIAN Martin...or BRIAN Miles Martin...or perhaps BRIAN BRIAN Martin. Just an idea.