Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rock it out BABY!

Ok everyone has to see this fabulous mobile my sister steph made me...she is so creative it makes me sick. I love this she just made it out of felt.

What a great weekend. Everyone came from up north to celebrate my lil Miles baby shower! I really want to thank you guys for coming, it was a total blast playing Rock Band, socializing, bonding, and gifts!
Guess who is the real pregnant woman? Everyone showed up to my baby shower w/ pregnant bellies! It was hilarious, they all looked more pregnant then me. Lindsay(Mica's sister in law) made these awesome fake bellies, she also was one of my baby drawing onesie contest winners. It was a fun casual party. We had a light lunch, designed baby onesies and of course my gifts. I was so happy to receive so many wonderful things. I seriously started with nothing for Miles but with all that I got it will help so much. Makes me even more eager and excited to have him.
me and my gift Mountain!

This is my fabulous diaper cake my sister steph made me. It is so cute and also will eventually be very functional.
Does this give you pretty picture of the future mom. Don't worry they aren't pregnant yet, but hopefully one day we can all be pregnant at the same time so cousins can be close. We will just work on Miles for right now though ;)
Us girls totally rocked it out. We got a hold of "Rock Band" and played probably 10 or more hrs of it. It was Mica's first time and she is a real natural...she went from "easy level" to "hard" in 3 songs. Matt of course was on vocals, David on drums and Rob on guitar. We all switched it up but everyone had their was so much fun!
I didn't get any on video but you could only imagine how crazy and loud it got at our house this weekend. Man get us Martin's together and you can bet there was crazy fun. Thank you again for coming down you guys and we love you soooo much! Can't wait to see you again and Miles can't wait to see everyone either..he told me, he just punched me really hard so I'm assuming thats what he meant.


Cherylann and Mike said...

How fun! You will blown away by how fast Miles grows! You look awesome, even if you are just wanting him to come at this point. So do all those other wannabe preggers. :) It will be fun to see his first picture!

The Toland's said...

hhahaha I think that is what the punch was too Stac. It really was a blast..and I cant wait till Lil' SMILES comes!!!

Bill and Tara said...

I am so sad I had to miss it!!! It gets pretty tricky to leave 3 little kids for a weekend, I have a hard time even going out for an hour dinner date with Bill! I'm glad you had such a good time, more good times ahead for sure!!! I have to say, all those pregnant women are sure going to be gorgeous when it's real. ALL of you guys looked amazing as prego gals. (I know it's nice to have cousins, but I think Jade and Josh have enjoyed all the extra attention and being spoiled cause they are it on my side, for now :)

Matt said...

Yes! Awesome pictures, Staci. Thanks for taking them. Yeah, Rock Band really brought us close together this weekend. I'm so grateful for video games! But mostly on the weekends when I don't have homework. By the way, I finally got the "SMILES" thing! Brilliant. I love it.

barbmartin said...

(This is Julia by the way.)
I miss you guys sooooooooooooo much, it's not even funny. I am seriously almost in tears looking at all these pictures!! I can hardly wait to come out there and see everyone, and meet some new family members as well! ;]
See you soon!!!!! I love you so much.

barbmartin said...

This is mom now! What a great baby shower! So much fun! Hey, I have a propo: When dad and I come out to see Miles, I will do the cooking if you let me play guitar hero! Deal? lol :)

T said...

I have to agree with Tara 100%! All of you ladies look amazing as pregnant women, you guys all look amazing as non-pregnant women as well, but it will be cute when it is real. What a fabulous party! You get that bunch of gals together and no matter what, there is going to be loads of F-U-N! Now if only I was able to make it....sorry, I am sad I wasn't there. Miles is so blessed to have such an amazing Mommy and Daddy! He chose very well! Having this little guy will change your life and you won't even remember a moment that he wasn't in your life...except for a few memories of freedom, hehe. I love you and miss you tons! Thanks for posting all the pictures, I love it!

SuzanA said...

Wow! Looks like you had an awesome baby shower! We can't wait until Miles is here & you start posting all of his pics! That's smart starting a blog dedicated to posting all his pics. It takes a lot of self control for me not to post a million pics of Donny on ours. I need your address to send you a couple things I've collected for Miles! Send it soon cuz I wanna get it to you before he comes! Give him a little kiss for me & tell him donny is waiting for a friend! Loves!

mica said...

Staci, that was the best fake-pregnant day of my life! I had so much fun! I loved visiting and can't wait until the next "event" that brings me to your home :)