Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm a Big Girl Now!!

Hey! This is Julia. Well, after about 12 years of playing Barbies, I've finally gotten rid of them. I've had some good memories with those little pieces of plastic, but it's time to grow up! I guess I was just trying to stay young. Well anyway this was just kindof an important moment for me, just thought I'd share. Oh, and don't worry: I only played w/ them when there was nothing else to do. Haha, enjoy!! =]

Help Us! We're sinking!


Just thought I'd keep a couple for my future daughters. Hehe. And yes, the one on the left is pregnant. (I ran out of ideas...)


Staci said...

awe what a sad moment..i actually never threw away my barbies still have them. ahhahah I love how you played w/ them even while throwing them away.

Allysa said...

Jules, your so funny!!! I still have all my barbies in hopes that one of the kids here would want to play with them. It seems like none of them are ever interested! They have all the "new" toys out now that are all electronical and they never want to play with boring barbies!!!

Laura said...

hahaha...Julia this is so random but i love it! you know some of your barbies don't even look like barbies----their look has changed so much over the many years. i love how you accesorize them though---they look amazing...maybe you should keep them for your kids one day---i loved playing with mom's old barbie stuff when i was little----lol not freaken 14 but hey its okay...:) ur amazing i need to post some stuff...i just suck at it!

Rob said...

Couldn't you have set 'em on fire or something more exciting? :)