Friday, May 9, 2008

Meet me in St. Louis!

So yeah recently i went to St. Louis, Missouri for the band trip. it was awesome.! We recieved superior ratings from the judges. and big gold (fake) trophies. i had such a blast. i got to meet new people, see new places, get to know my friends better, and get a nice tan. hehe. We went to Six Flags, the St. Louis Symphony, Hard Rock Cafe, the zoo, a weird aquarium where everything was on the outiside no glass wall, a Cathedral, and way too many tours. I kindof slept through most of them though! haha. I hope you guys enjoy the pics. i sure had a good time when they were being taken! me and jasmine at the symphony! it was good in the begnning but then i fell asleep again! haha there was this flute player who made the funniest faces when she had her solo, and it was about 10 minutes long so im surprised that her face didnt get tired!
Katie, Jasmine, Angelina, and Me at a Jazz Club. It was amazing with a live band! inside bungee jumping! i would have done it but i didn't feel so great. it was really cool looking though.
My table at the jazz club. some of them are my best friends.
Just me and my two best friends being together, and having fun.
we went to the biggest mall i have ever been to. it had three floors!
me and my gang at The Cheesecake Factory. Amazing fancy food there. and all i got was a pizza! haha.
Katie and I found thee coolest glasses ever! we should have bought them. but they probably would have looked pretty goofy in our little town of Waynesboro.


Laura said...

hey katie! I love the pics!! seems like you had a lotta fun!haha but i gotta say those are the weirdest glasses i have ever seen!

Staci said...

oh my gosh that is a lil jealous I miss missouri :( What a great opportunity though..I love st.louis. Thanks for sharing. Also love the pics..your one hot chick.

Cherylann and Mike said...

Love your pictures. I can't believe how grown up you are. My Katie is about the age you were when we last saw you out in PA. It probably doesn't feel to fast for you Katie, but it just flies. Sounds like you had a blast!