Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mt. Timpanogos...or Something like it!

Trent and I have been wanting to hike Mt. Timpanogos. So finally we get the chance to do so and we weren't even able to complete it due to snow banks that were covering the trail. We were able to cross a couple. This part was really scary to me because there was one snow bank that was really steep. If I made the wrong move i would've ended at the bottom of the mountain. I was freaking out the whole but Trent helped me get past it. The video at the bottom is one of me crossing an easier one but I was still a little scared I'm pretty proud of myself of crossing the snow bank without slipping but as soon as i get to Trent I totally biffed it but Trent stopped recording before he caught it on camera :(.

This was as far as we got. These rocks were pretty fun to climb up but annoying to climb down. They're not sturdy at all so you can imagine how interesting it was to climb down this


Rob said...

Man, that looks awesome. I need to do that hike someday.

Staci said...

that is awesome..what a beautiful place. Thats crazy w/ the snow...isn't that cold? Gosh awesome fun! oh and that worm nest was nasty

barbmartin said...

I am always so glad to know about these seemingly dangerous activities AFTER they are over. What fun, though. By the way, this is not the hike I have taken. No way! lol