Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer 'Tivities

Hey guys I never show pictures of me and my roomies. The first picture My two roommates (Julie-left, Kaley-right) volunteered at a BYU Carnival. I was in charge of the Push-up challenge booth. It was so fun---haha definitely an easy way to meet lots of fun, cute guys. 2nd picture is a dinner party my roommates and I put together, it's only a portion of us but we made taco salads and played lots of interesting games such as the game CURSES---you guys should check that one out. It's a weird one but its so fun! The next two are just roommate pictures---Kaley and Julie left today to drive home to Washington. I'm really going to miss them-they were really great roommates!


Staci said...

that is awesome..thank you for posting..again we love Laura post. Cute pics. Your roomates look so nice and lots of fun!

barbmartin said...

You look so good, Laura. I loved seeing who you roomates are and hearing of your 'tivities. Love and miss you!!