Thursday, August 21, 2008

29 Years of Happiness

Well today is a very special day. Mom and Dad have been married for 29 years. And yet they still act like newlyweds sometimes. They are still deeply in love, and care for eachother more and more everyday. Both are a wonderful example to their kids for marriage and of how happy a person can be when they find their true love. We all love you mom and dad!

Together Forever

Dad in his tuxedo with the ruffles. :)

Mom as always looking beautiful and radiant on that special day.
Stuffing eachother's faces with some cake.
Sometimes i wish that i had never seen this picture. But hey its only the ankle.
But dad looks very embaressed and i think that he may be blushing.
The Wedding Car!! Dad's anniversary gift to mom. A lot of roses.
So Sweet!!


Staci said...

awe I LOVE this. I have never seen these pictures. You guys are so young and beautiful! Congratulations you are good a example of a loving marriage that i hope rob and i will have. Who posted this by the way?

Matt said...

This was a terrific surprise. I completely forgot about the anniversary. Happy 29 years! It's cool to see that wedding picture of mom and dad when they got married and then to see the little black and white picture next to it that was taken at my wedding. Check it out. You've both aged gracefully with nothing but silver linings! I love you both. Thanks to whoever posted this!

Anonymous said...

WOW you 2 really havnt aged that much at all! :) wonder if it came from eating all those greens that we were always forced to eat as a family. how grateful i am to have been HOOKED up with 2 wonderful parents, i cant be any more happier/luckier/blessed/etc! im just glad that i got good looking genes to go alongside with it! :) LOVE YOU mom and dad! (and who put this together?)

katymartin said...

actually im the one who put this up. i thought that it would be nice for everyone to see this. im glad that everyone likes it!

Cherylann and Mike said...

Okay Katy, I don't think your Dad is embarrased... Just my opinion. :) It looks like he is hoping this is the last picture and then they are out of there... Can I say that on the blog? :)

It is amazing to see how much you both look like your kids at this age. And Barbie, your hair, so like Rachel's. I almost felt like I was looking at her.

Congratulations on your 29th! You have given me great advice from your marriage that I use in mine!