Saturday, August 23, 2008


First of all can you believe this was Rob's first time on a boat EVER! It was Miles' first time too, but that's understandable. Our awesome friends the Olsen's took us out on their boat to the lake today. We went knee boarding and tubing. We had tons of fun and lots of blows. Enjoy! (to see more pics check out SMILES)

This is Rob biffing it on the slow kidding run...even Ally a 4 yr old could stay on!
video video


The Toland's said...

fun fun! How come you didnt get on the tube stac? You should of got a video of someone flying off the tube! Nice photography work stac.

barbmartin said...

You guys do such fun things!! I think Rob did a great job for his first time. :)

David said...

MAN that was some wicked fun! thanks jeff and beth for letting us have fun with your parent's toys!

Jeff, Beth, and Garrett Olsen said...

Oh Course! It was so much fun, we are already planning the next one. I laugh every time I see Rob slip off the tube going 5 mph. hahaha