Monday, August 4, 2008

Gone Diggin' Momma!

haha okay, this picture doesn't look that steep, but it is.

Our Playground!

A Beautiful view of being on the opposite side of the lake! day Trent asked me, "Hey we should go digging up in the canyon!" I'm thinking in my mind, Are you serious? like go digging for artifacts and stuff?...hmmm I was really confused. But of course as always, I just blurt what was going on inside my head and Trent had a huge blank stare and and then a funny look on his face. I don't think my response was quite accurate. Trent responds "NO, like off-roading with the jeep! haha---I have never ever heard of the term "digging" for off-roading, And I'm from a very hickish, small town. But I love learning new things from Trent. We've done a couple off-roads in the canyon but the best place was across the lake near Lehi! It's definitely a thrill but I am also THE biggest baby. The whole time im just waiting for this Big ol' jeep to tip and luckily it hasn't so far and you know maybe it never will. That's what these jeeps are made for. There are times i just have to put my head down, close my eyes or scream, or even get out of the car. I don't know why im like this. BUT i did promise TRENT if that jeep ever tips over i will never go "DIGGING" with him again because so many times im yelling "It's GONNA TIP!" BUT it never DON'T WORRY MOMMA! So for now im just waiting for that day---only to prove him wrong, but hopefully not really :)
---P.s. these are pics from my phone, next time we will get a video of us doing something amazing!


Staci said...

thats awesome..looks like fun! Gosh your camera on your phone takes good pics. Def. get videos next time.

barbmartin said...

Now I understand why you are not in the pics. I'm thinking fun, but also wondering if you use seat belts? or head gear? Tell Trent, he better protect my beautiful girl!!!! :}

Matt said...

Diggin? What the heck does that mean? Cool pics, though, especially considering they're from your cell phone. Whose jeep is it? Is it his?

Laura said...

Yep Its HIS! He just got it the other day. I love it! Its really fun. Plus it's manual, so he's teaching me how to drive stick! And he looks hot in fits him!