Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sorry Rob and I have been slacking on posting, but when we have something to post it's usually posted on SMILES b/c he is the only exciting thing in our life right now! We are enjoying life and enjoying being parents. Miles wanted to post on the Martin Kin so here is a picture of him playing with his dead turtle. He loves all of you guys and misses you so much!

Also I want to give a shout out to Uncle David for being so wonderful. Barb you have defiantly raised some wonderful boys. Not only is Rob so amazing and helpful so is David. He has baby sat Miles so many times...more then I had ever planned on and he has been such a trooper about it. I told him he could even take Miles out on the town... just so he can get a date. If that's what it takes jk David ;P. I am sure a lucky girl having so much help around the house. I would really love for David to stay as long as he can, but Miles must have his own room by the end of the month. It's bittersweet b/c Miles will be out of our room :) and David will be out of the house :(. He seems to be doing good and he might have a place to move in lined up. I'll let him tell you all about that when that happens.

Oh and can I tell you how flippin hot it is here!


barbmartin said...

At last, a new post!!! I think being with Rob and Staci and Miles these months has been great for David. But, please tell him that if he doesn't call his mom more often there will NOT being anything under the Christmas tree this year!!!!! :)

laura said...

lol...stop talking about christmas....its creepy!